Are you confused and overwhelmed when it comes to navigating our ever-changing U.S. health care system? Are you feeling the pain of rising healthcare costs?

Together we can get rid of the fear and confusion and frustration! My goal is to support you in becoming educated and empowered to navigate the U.S. health care system with ease and that you are knowledgeable in the control you have to improve your health outcomes and reduce your costs.

Welcome to Health Care Transformation where we aim to empower all people and healthcare professionals to achieve the Triple Aim + 1:


Health Care Transformation is a platform to educate, support, connect, and empower.

Health Care For the People educates and empowers all individuals to understand and navigate the healthcare system in order to make informed decisions that will improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Health Care For the Professionals takes it a level deeper to educate and empower those on the frontlines (doctors, nurses, medical assistants, clinic staff, etc.) with the methodology and tools to improve health outcomes and decrease costs for patients and the system.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, patient, or an individual who wants to take control of their health…

Empower yourself today!

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