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Let’s Learn More About Kelsey, VP of For the Body!

Hello Everyone,

I’m so pleased and excited that we have Kelsey Vetter, one of the top nutrition and wellbeing experts in Los Angeles, joining our Health Care Transformation team! Since Kelsey is new to the team I wanted to sit down and chat with Kels so you all could get the scoop too! Check out our interview below.

Kelsey Vetter

Kelsey, tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you ended up in the great state of California!

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where it’s very very very cold most of the year!  I moved to Los Angeles right after college for a post-graduate program and knew immediately that this is where I was meant to live. As much as I love the Midwest, I’m definitely a beach girl!  

You’re one of the top nutrition experts in LA. Tell us about how your passion for nutrition started and blossomed to where it is today.

My interest in nutrition started when I was pretty young.  I am the daughter of a professional athlete and health club owner (hi, dad!) so I grew up drinking green juice for breakfast and having multivitamins for dessert.  My parents laid the foundation of my passion for nutrition & fitness and I’ve been continuing to pursue that passion ever since!

Why is nutrition and well-being so important?

Nutrition is the foundation of well-being and living a healthy life in general.  As soon as we start prioritizing good nutrition, we benefit from more restful sleep, a healthier number on the scale, stronger muscles and bones – the list goes on!  

What do you aim to achieve by heading up Health Care Transformation- For the Body?

My goal is to help simplify nutrition & wellbeing for the masses.  There is SO much information out there about what to eat, what not to eat, 5 foods to eat for a flatter belly etc. that it can be overwhelming and intimidating for people.  I want to cut through the BS in the wellness space and give people the basic tools they need to live their healthiest lives!  

There are a lot of individuals working in the health and nutrition space. What makes your methods and tools so unique?

I take a holistic approach to health that looks not only at nutrition but also mental health, sleep, stress levels, activity level and so on.  My focus is on nutrition as a form of prevention and overall well-being. I help people build sustainable healthy habits that they can stick with!

Tell us more about why you created the 6-Week Wellness Program and how it’s different from other typical weight loss programs.

I created the 6-Week Wellness Program to really simplify the concepts of nutrition and wellness – to get back to the basics of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.  This program is designed to help participants make small changes in their habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term.

What’s a secret to keeping healthy and fit that most people don’t know or is a common misconception?

I think people perceive living a healthy lifestyle to be complicated and limiting.  Spoiler: it’s not! It can be so simple if you have the right tools and mindset! This is where my passion really lies: helping people understand that it’s not as hard as they think to start living a healthier life.

What are your top three nutrition recommendations for living a healthy life?

  1. Ditch the word diet.  Diets are temporary. Focus on changing your lifestyle and the way you eat and you’ll feel better in the long run!  
  2. Eat real food (whole, unprocessed, mostly plants)
  3. Breakup with sugar! It’s not you, it’s the sugar.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

“Your health is a choice that you make with every bite you take.”  With every bite, we are either feeding or fighting disease, choose wisely!

What is your favorite healthy recipe to make?

Hmmm this is a tough one, i LOVE to cook!  Right now I’m obsessed with making paleo pancakes and cacao chia pudding, yum!

What is your guilty pleasure- food or restaurant?

I don’t think any food should be considered “guilty” if you think it’s worth it, I’m all about food freedom and balance!  That being said, I’m a sucker for novelty ice cream.

What are your top three favorite restaurants in LA?

I’m all about healthy on-the-go meals. Tocaya Organica, Cafe Gratitude, and Flower Child are some of my faves!

Do you have a favorite grocery store or farmers market?

Grocery stores are my happy place, I could wander the aisles for hours…

I get my veggies and meat from my neighborhood farmers market, my pantry staples from Trader Joes and anything extra from Whole Foods.  Told you I love grocery stores!!

What’s your favorite fitness activity?

Oh boy, I don’t have kids yet but this must be what it feels like to be asked which child is your favorite! I love fitness in all forms, it’s the best part of my day!  The answer to this changes daily – I’m into CrossFit, yoga, running, hiking, spinning – you name it!

Do you have a favorite health app? IG influencer? Health Guru you look up to?

Does anyone NOT love @shutthekaleup? (Follow her if you don’t already!)

What is the newest fad in nutrition that you’re super into? What about a fad that’s gotta go?

I’m really into adaptogens right now and learning how they affect our hormones and body’s ability to adapt to stress, it’s so fascinating!  One fad I can’t get behind is these “detox teas” or “flat tummy teas” you see online and on instagram. They’re a total marketing ploy!

This has been so amazing Kelsey and we are so excited to have you on the team! Any closing thoughts to inspire folks to care about their health and wellbeing?

Your life begins and ends with your health! Living a healthy lifestyle and feeling great is the foundation of achieving what you want from life – great relationships, success at work, etc. Start prioritizing your self because no one else will!

Isn’t Kelsey amazing?! I’m so excited for you to get to know her more through the website, social media, and our programs! And be sure to head over to check out the 6-Week Wellness Transformation Program today!

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