About HCT

Health Care Transformation (HCT) is creating a better, more efficient Digital Care Journey for patients and healthcare organizations by integrating high-value recorded videos into care delivery.

The unique value of asynchronous video is that now providers, employers, AND payers can all play a role in healthcare cost reduction and quality improvement with a focus on navigation and prevention.

With our expertise and proven methods, Health Care Transformation is your optimal partner in digital asynchronous care.

We are creating the future of consumer-centric high-value health care on ANY topic.

We are committed to using our experience and methodologies to drastically improve health care for millions of people across the U.S. and beyond.

Our Story:

The U.S. healthcare system is complex and expensive. Individuals continue to struggle to navigate across clinical care, non-clinical care, and health insurance. While the founder of Health Care Transformation was managing value-based care and systems improvement for a top academic medical center in Los Angeles, it was evident that patients on the ground level were making poor decisions that had a large impact on the cost of care and their health outcomes. But the root cause of this issue was the minimal time clinicians and staff had with patients along with the lack of knowledge retained by patients on how to optimally navigate the system. While healthcare systems were struggling to engage patients in order to achieve quality and utilization goals, digital video streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Netflix, were becoming the norm and the data was clear: consumers not only prefer video, but retain the information better through audiovisual learning.

Health Care Transformation combines the consumer desire for informational access through video with the healthcare analytics, systems improvement methodology, and marketing tactics needed to drive true healthcare ROI.

Health Care Transformation supports healthcare organizations across the country to integrate curated videos into their operations to improve care for patients and reduce clinician burnout.

Our goal is to scale digital asynchronous video as a care delivery tool to all healthcare organizations across the U.S. and beyond.

Health Care Transformation has successfully integrated recorded videos with analytics and operational infrastructure that drive true cost and outcomes improvement.

About Meghan Nechrebecki, Founder and CEO:

Meghan Nechrebecki, MSPH is a leading healthcare administration expert who has been solving complex systemic healthcare challenges for over a decade. Her expertise lies in healthcare systems improvement, healthcare analytics, value-based care, population health, and digital marketing.

Meghan recently gave a Ted Talk “Shaping the Future of Health Care“. She has also been featured on many shows, podcasts, and written publications including Good Morning LaLa Land, Business Rockstars, Food Heals Podcast, Touch Point Podcast, Empowerista Podcast, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Medical Economics, and MORE.

Experience: Meghan has a breadth of knowledge and work experience across all sectors of healthcare including city and state government, health insurance, healthcare start-ups, healthcare consulting, and healthcare providers.

Education: Meghan earned her Master’s of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she was a Delta Omega Alpha Scholar for graduating in the top 10% of her graduating class. She earned her B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was a Hilldale scholar in Oncology Research.

More About Meghan: Meghan grew up Stillwater, Minnesota and now lives in Los Angeles, California. In her free time, Meghan’s enjoys hiking, camping, swimming in the ocean, reading books, and being a part of the LA dance community.