For the People

Are you having trouble getting health insurance? Are your health insurance costs unaffordable? Even with health insurance, do you feel like you don’t know where to go or that you are being bounced around like a ping-pong ball? Is the doctor telling you they don’t accept your insurance or that they can’t get you in for an appointment for two months? Are you confused about which preventive measures you should do and where and when? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the healthcare information on the web and the stacks of papers you receive from your doctors and health insurance companies? 

You are not alone! “For the People” was created for you!


Health Care Transformation- For the People was created to educate and empower individuals across the country to engage themselves and their loved ones to better understand and navigate the U.S. Health Care System.

We are facing a nationwide health care cost and quality epidemic that needs to be addressed by multiple components, but one of the most important components is patient engagement, i.e. empowering YOU to make informed and better decisions for yourself and your loved ones. These informed, better decisions will ultimately improve your quality of life and reduce both individual and regional healthcare costs.

Empower yourself now!

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By the end of watching the Health Care Transformation videos and reading the Blog, our goals are:

  1. You are empowered to self-engage and become an active participant in your health care.
  2. You feel educated about the basics of our complex U.S. health care system.
  3. You are empowered with the knowledge to make better decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We are here to support you with concrete tips and education to navigate the U.S. the health care system so let’s get started!


Cheers to Health and Happiness!