The History and Current State of U.S. Health Care 101

Are you a healthcare professional who doesn’t fully understand how or why the healthcare system is structured this way? Are you someone who needs to learn the healthcare infrastructure in order to optimally navigate the current system or help improve it? Are you confused about Obamacare and what the legislation actually did? 

If you are looking to better understand the current U.S. health care system and how we came to where we are today, The History and Current State of U.S. Health Care 101 is the course for you! This course provides you with top-of-the-line expertise that is provided in clear and concise lessons on the history of health care in the U.S. This course will also set you up with a basic understanding of the current U.S. health care system infrastructure.

The lessons are delivered in short, concise videos so that you can take the course at your own pace. Because it is so well-organized, It is incredibly simple to go back to any lesson at any time to review the material you learned.

This lecture contains the following sections:

I. Quick Introduction to the History and Current State of Healthcare

II. Review of the Health System Infrastructure

III. Quick Introduction to the Affordable Care Act

IV. Next Steps and Resources

Course Information

Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Meghan Nechrebecki Meghan Nechrebecki Author

Meghan Nechrebecki is a healthcare administration expert who has been solving complex systemic healthcare challenges for close to a decade. She is the founder and CEO of Health Care Transformation, the first platform of its kind to educate and empower all individuals to navigate the U.S. health care system with ease in order to improve their health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Using the Health Care Transformation ‘Triple Aim +1’ philosophy, she is dedicated to using her vast experience and proven methodologies to drastically improve health care in the United States for millions of Americans.