For the Healthcare Providers

Are you taking on increased financial risk for your patient population? Are you also paying the unsustainable rising costs of health care for your employees?

We believe that your organization should be a successful player and leader in MACRA, ACO’s, and bundled payments. We believe that your organization will excel in the future, and now current, state of fee-for-value health care with the support of our tools and methodology.

Health Care Transformation will implement solutions to empower your employees, patients, and other healthcare professionals to improve quality of care for patients, reduce systemic healthcare costs, and enhance the patient and provider experience.

Meghan’s goal is that through your engagement with Health Care Transformation:

  1. You will understand the methodology to really transform your organization to achieve the Triple Aim+1.
  2. You will have the tools and expertise at your fingertips to enact positive change.
  3. You will show positive outcomes at your organization, i.e. reduced costs, improved patient quality of care, and enhanced patient and provider experiences.


Contact us today to discuss your goals and how Health Care Transformation can be your solution to ensure you achieve them.

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