For the Mind FAQ’s

Do you only have these six curricula?

For the Mind currently contains six different curricula. These curriculum topics were selected using mental health expertise to address the top issues currently impacting adults today.

How were these six selected?

The current six curriculum address top issues impacting adults today:

Be Well gives an overview of well-being, including the health pillars, healthy habits, and personality traits that form the fundamentals of being well.

Be Calm gives individuals the tools they need to engage in self-care for anxiety.

Be Resilient empowers individuals with tools needed to manage stress across the home-work continuum, including time management, communication, and learning about the impacts of trauma.

Be Balanced supports individuals with tools and guidance on self-care for those with depression.

Be Connected empowers individuals to build and maintain positive relationships at home and at work, along with how to optimally navigate the pressures of social media.

Be Empowered provides guidance on self-love, communication, and self-advocacy to help individuals gain confidence and manage the imposter syndrome.

Will additional content become available?

Yes- our first priority is to ensure that your entire population utilizes and benefits from the current curricula. We are happy to discuss the opportunity to develop custom content and will be sure to alert you when new content will be available.

How are the videos and Transformation Toolkits accessed?

The For the Mind curriculum can be accessed through the Health Care Transformation platform. We will work with your team to develop a robust communications strategy on where and how to access the For the Mind curriculum. We will also be able to work with your tech +w web team to allow access through your internal intranet.

What if we want customized content?  

We are happy to work with you to create customized content that serves the mental health needs of your population. Our goal is to increase access to self-care guidance and tools in order to improve mental health and we want to be sure we support you to fulfill those needs.

Are these videos inclusive of individualized therapy?

The For the Mind curriculum is NOT individualized treatment. For the Mind is what we call population therapy- the curriculum is providing information and tools from top mental health experts that individuals would not otherwise be able to access- whether because of cost, stigma, or wait-times. The videos and tools provide guidance that is for the population, not individualized to the individual watching and interacting with the program. Much of the program is also focused on prevention; there will be many individuals who do not need individualized therapy who will benefit from engaging with the curriculum.

How do you quantify impact of the videos?

We use our internal analytics to quantify engagement with the For the Mind curriculum. We utilize pre and post surveys within each curriculum to gauge qualitative and quantitative impact. In Be Calm and Be Balanced we use the GAD-7 and PHQ-9.  

Do you provide support on the communication strategy of the videos?

Absolutely! It is incredibly important that your population is aware of the value of For the Mind as well as how to clearly access it. We will support your team with strategy and content development with a robust implementation plan that leads to success on your investment.

Do you do in-person workshops, speaking engagements, and skill-building?

Yes- we are happy to discuss opportunities to build upon the For the Mind online curriculum. We can do in-person or online workshops and other engagements depending on your needs. As population health experts we are happy to consult and support you in developing your overall strategy to address the mental health needs of your population.

I see that in 2019 the For the Body Executive Wellness Transformation Program is included with For the Mind. What does that program entail?

The Executive Wellness Transformation Program is a four-week program designed to give executives the one-on-one coaching they need to achieve their optimal physical health. As an executive, your health and wellness is incredibly important to your personal success as well as the success of your organization. This program is designed to give executives the tools and one-on-one guidance they need to build healthy habits into their busy and fast-paced life.