Health Care For the Wise Elders: The Basics You Need to Know


If you are in or nearing retirement and are starting to utilize more health care, this is the holistic course to get you the basic tips and recommendations you need to know to achieve your best possible health outcomes at the lowest price. Purchase Health Care For the Wise Elders: The Basics You Need to Know today!



If you are a wise elder looking to take control of your health and feel confident and secure in navigating the health care system, Health Care For the Wise Elders- The Basics You Need to Know is the course for you!

This course provides you with top-of-the-line expertise that is provided in clear and concise lessons on the basics of the healthcare system that you need to know so that you can navigate the U.S. health care system with ease. This will allow you to make more informed decisions that will improve your health outcomes and reduce your healthcare costs.

The lessons are delivered in short, concise videos so that you can take the course at your own pace. Because it is so well-organized, It is incredibly simple to go back to any lesson at any time to review the material you learned. I’ve also included bonus downloadable materials and lessons to support and guide you throughout the course. Feel free to take the surveys if you’re wanting to gauge your learning of the material and your readiness for the healthcare world!

This lecture contains the following sections built specifically for elderly adults learning the basics they need to know to gain confidence in understanding and navigating the U.S. health care system:

I. Quick Introduction to the History and Current State of Healthcare

II. Review of the Health System Infrastructure

III. Quick Introduction to the Affordable Care Act

IV. Selecting Your Health Insurance

V. Optimally Utilizing the Health Care System

VI. Next Steps and Resources