The future of health care is VIDEO.

Every other industry is already using video as a platform to build their relationships with consumers. Now is the time for you as a healthcare leader to step into the future of healthcare video with Health Care Transformation.

With our breadth of expertise, Health Care Transformation is more than a video production platform- we are your partner and guide to integrating video content into your organization.



Along with the Health Care Transformation video content, our team partners and consults to develop your overall strategy, goals, marketing strategy, and analytics to show proven ROI. With implementation of your curated content, the goal is to achieve specific and targeted impact for your healthcare consumers.

Who Do We Partner With?

Depending on the organization, our clients range from Chief Patient Experience Officers to Directors of Accountable Care and Population Health to Chief Operating Officers. Whether your goal is to improve the patient experience, grow your market share, reduce systemic healthcare spend, or improve the provider + staff experience- we will help you achieve your goal through engaging, empowering, entertaining video content.

Our content is curated to support consumers in navigating the healthcare system across insurance and providers. Our library continues to expand to address and simplify the complexities of health care for consumer.


  • What to Expect as First-Time Patients
  • What to Do When You Experience an Urgent Health Issue
  • How to Navigate Health Insurance
  • Planning Your Pregnancy Journey
  • Navigating a Hospitalization
  • Medical Decision-Making For Your Loved Ones

CONTACT us today to discuss our curated Health Care Transformation content available for license as well as the opportunity to create custom content for your organization. Prepare for the future of health care TODAY!

All videos can be made in the languages of your choosing so be sure to discuss with a Health Care Transformation representative today.